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golden hour (Vinyl + Skizzenbuch und Bleistift)

Product Type: LP + Skizzenbuch und Bleistift
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This is our debut album - "golden hour". All our experiences, feelings and thoughts put together in eleven tracks on this record. We hope that this journey is far from over, that this is not everything. We are on the road and keep our thoughts in small notebooks, scribble sketches and make plans. Hence the notebook, hence the pen - get it in a bundle together with the vinyl, consisting of a 12-page booklet with songlyrics, photos of us shot by Lucio, a two-sided printed poster and the record in cream colour.


01 xx

02 sorry

03 nie ankommen

04 hdl

05 ich mags

06 mio

07 paris

08 2

09 einfach

10 golden hour

11 weniger